Thursday, February 23, 2017

I really love you kru GARRY. I appreciate for your kindness and effort that you have been made through semester. The blogger was very effective to make us understand more about the results and procedure. Sorry for making you nervous. Even though i lost all of my notebooks i still love your class very much. My goals for next year is to have only one notebook through semester, and do the assignment on time including blogging.

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Tritation of Hydrochloric acid with sodium hydroxide.
-  Beaker
- Hydrochloric Acid
- Sodium Hydroxide
- Acetic Acid
- Burette
- Indicator
- pipette

1. The Burette was set up on the stand of the base (NaOH) was poured into the burette for 50mk.
2. The beaker filled up with 10mL of acide and placed under the Burette.
3. The base slowly dropped down into acid until the acid turns permanently purple.
4. The volume of the base was measured in the Burette.


Hydrochloric acid


1. What is the morality of the HCl?
ans: 0.365M

2. what is the molarity of the COOH--acetic acid?
Ans: 1.285M

3. What are sources of error in the experiment?
Ans: The results can completely alter  from just only one drop of the bases which can cause the miscalculation.

Conclusion :
Titration can be used to calculate the concentraition of the unknown acid/base in the condition that the indicator is chosen aprropiately.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

G M O plants essays.

Genetically modified plants were vastly developed in Thailand because agriculture is the major profit-making industry. The GM plants was injected with substance which act similar to the insecticide. The insects which eats plants will died and the crops won't be receiving any damages. The technology were widely used for a moment and it's prohibited because the crops has an effect on the customer body. The selling is stop right away. They thinks that the issues might caused by the mutation of plants which the genes which actually not react with the human body is active to the human cells. So the circumstance proved that this technology is not ready to apply in Thailand.

Lab - Plant Grafting

Group: Shaq, Guy, Ohm, Ghun and Richy

Objective: To understand grafting the plant and the process of plant grafting

Hypothesis: The petiole will join with node after the connection. 


  • Plant
  • Scalpel
  • Lab Scissors
  • String

1. The node of the plant was cut into V-shape
2. The petiole of the same species was also cut into V- shape
3, Connect the petiole to the node in the interlocking position.
4. The interlocked part is covered by clay and tied with rope to support the stem.

1. The Clay is used to cover the interlocking part. It's held the node and petiole together which water and food be able to reach the connecting part(petiole)

2. Because the vascular bundle can sustain the grafted branch

3. We covered the clay with another layer of strings to prevent the clay from losing it's viscosity or melted with the high temperature.

1. After 4 days, the grafted branch fell off and the string is untied
2, The rain might ruined the grafting.
3. The branch is still alive. Hypothesis the clay might absorb and held rain drop and sustain the branch.

KK's grafting work out very well because 2 part were well interlocked and it's arrange in the right position.
  • The three keys consist of:
    • The interlocking position 
    • The clay should be sealing correctly 
    • The string manage to hold the clay
The experiment were design to compare the grafted plant with the interlocking position and one without it. The result should show that the grafted plant in interlocking position still alive.


Ice cream lab

Plant Structure Lab
Objectives: investigating plant's leaves, stems and roots.


  • Leaves, Stem and Roots from plant 
  • Scalpel
  • Mounting Needle
  • Scissors 
  • Water 
  • Slide
  • Cover slip 
  • Microscope

1. If plant's leaves have parallel venation, it's expect to be monocotyledon. The circular shape xulem vessels and the petal is the multiple of 3.

2. the node of the plants array the plants into compound and single number of leaves. If there is only one leaf in one node it's single. If multiple of leaves branched from one node the leaf is refereed to be compound.

3. 2 Types if vascular tissues. Phloem transport food (usually sugars) both upward and down ward. Xylem transport food and minerals only upward.

4. The main function of the leaves is containing chloroplast which use sunlight to photosynthesize and turn carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen.

Ice - water to Steam lab


  • Ice cubes
  • Water 
  • Gauze mat
  • Beaker 
  • Thermometer 
  • Bunsen Burner
  • Tripod
The graph didn't start at 0 degree Celsius because the ice was added at the room temperature. We wait for three minuets to lower the temperature. The heat distribution is not completed which result as the starting temperature is more than 0 degree Celsius.
The temperature rise less as it's closer to the boiling and equilibrium with the vapor pressure.
The plotted graph is shown to be linear.
Assuming the whole system is closed.